Due to the novel coronavirus, all activities at our campus are suspended indefinitely. Our worship services will be livestreamed on our website each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM.

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Our Leadership



Untitled design (15)Jonathan Peters, Pastor  
headshot-church300x300Aijalon Church, Pastor
Untitled design (14)Bob Brackbill
headshot-fromuth300x300 John Fromuth
headshot-lucasDavid Lucas  
Untitled design (13)Jim O'Donohue
headshot-salladeJohn Sallade 
Untitled design (12)Bill Tobin




headshot-fitzgeraldJerry Fitzgerald
headshot-gonyea300x300Jeremy Gonyea
headshot-gross300x300Chuck Grose
headshot-maiolie300x300Mike Maiolie
headshot-schaeffer300x300Steve Schaeffer
headshot-tuscher300x300Bill Tuscher