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Employment Opportunities

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Covenant Church is currently seeking someone to serve our families in this part-time position. You can read a full description of the position below. 

If you are interested in applying for this position, please download the following application, fill it out, and email it to johnfromuth@gmail.com. You may include a resume and/or cover letter if you'd like. 

Application for Children's Ministry Coordinator


Job Description

This position has been created to provide assistance to parents in discipling and growing their children in the Christian faith. This position is also seen as an important step to growing our 20 to 40 year old population within the church.  

  1. Responsibilities:
    1. Develop, administer, and conduct a weekly children’s ministry program for pre-K through 6th grade. This includes recruiting, training, scheduling and supervising volunteer helpers.
    2. Organize other special children’s ministry events as appropriate in coordination and collaboration with other church ministries.
    3. Promote the children’s ministry program and act as a resource for young parents through regular church service attendance and relationship building. Provide updated information for the Church website, newsletter, and bulletin boards regarding children’s ministry events.
    4. Develop and manage the budget for the children’s ministry program.
    5. Collaborate with and eventual administration of Children’s Church Ministry.
    6. Participation in the Youth Sunday School Committee to facilitate communication and coordinate children’s education at Covenant Church.
  2. Reporting Relationship and Supervision
    1. Report to the Session through appointed elder liaison.
    2. Provide written updates to the Session on a quarterly basis.
    3. Annual performance evaluation conducted by the Session. 
  3. Qualifications and Requirements
    1. Obtain and update as required all appropriate child abuse clearances and follow Covenant’s Child Protection Policy. 
    2. Prior experience with children’s ministry.  
    3. A passion for and ability to: disciple, teach, and communicate with children in the pre-K to 6th grade level, as well as an ability to communicate that passion to others.
    4. Effective team player. Able to communicate with, lead and motivate others, befriend parents, and recruit/train volunteers.
    5. Become a member of Covenant Church. It is expected that this person would publicly support and teach the doctrinal positions embraced by our church, as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
  4. Anticipated Hours
    1. Estimated 12 to 15 hours per week which includes time for planning and conducting the weekly evening family children’s ministry program, time on Sunday promoting and communicating the various children’s ministry programs, and time building relationships with parents and meeting with new attendees with young children.